Jayla Marie is a young American Hip hop artist who is known for singing and rapping. She landed a role on the popular tv show  on  Lifetime called “The Rap Game” hosted by Jermaine Dupri and Executive produced by Queen Latifa.

Jayla Marie recorded her first song at the age of three and started her rapping career in 2009. During this time, she has been recognized by some of the biggest stars in the music industry today. P. Diddy is just one of the many icons to have recognized her. He re-posted a video of her singing a dedicated to song the Notorious BIG for his birthday. P. Diddy also posted a dance video of Jayla Marie dancing to one of his very popular songs “Finna Get Loose” where Jayla was featured on RevoltTV.

She quickly gained popularity by uploading music covers to her Youtube channel, after posting a cover version of the Nas song “If I Ruled The World” she immediately caught the attention from Nas himself and thousands of people started to gravitate to the young star.

The video was originally posted on YouTube on 30 July (2014) and has even been posted on the Number 1 Hip Hop site Worldstar.

Jayla Marie continued to make covers and her fame increased even more which led her to star on the hit TV Show called The Rap Game. After being on the show her audience grew even larger and people fell in love with the girl that was full of energy, charm, talent and personality.